Feature: PATV, Convergence and Comics

Posted February 3, 2011 10:17 am

Penny Arcade’s humble beginnings as a web comic seem so long ago. The “brand” that is Penny Arcade is a perfect example of how something can really explode through grassroots efforts and viral marketing. Penny Arcade now includes two large expos (PAX), a charity organization for sick kids (Child’s Play) and a series of web videos (PATV).PATV is the newest of the initiatives, but it’s coming on strong with its new series Ledo and Ix. Penny Arcade President Robert Khoo (who preferred the title “Business Guy”) gave a frank and engaging interview, which included thoughts on the quality of the Green Hornet movie that sadly did not fit the scope of this interview. He did cheerfully give details about the process behind PATV’s evolution.