The Hunter and the Swan Discuss Their Meeting is back home after screening all over the world. It will be a the First Run film festival along with the work of my many spectacular classmates on Sunday March 30th. But the festival starts on the 22nd–check out the whole thing.

Local Tourists – Doug Lenox

18:30 min
A beach comedy about despair.

Teamwork – SeoYun Hong

11:00 min
In the darkened quiet of a hospital room, a dying woman and granddaughter reminisce about the moment that changed both of their lives. A poignant tale about letting go.

The Chair – Grainger David

12:19 min
THE CHAIR is the story of one boy’s reaction to a mysterious outbreak of poisonous mold in his small town.

The Hunter and the Swan Discuss Their Meeting – Emily Carmichael

7:47 min
A Brooklyn couple have dinner with a hunter and his girlfriend, a magical swan woman. It doesn’t go well.


15:30 min
Baby-crazed Auralee finds herself drifting away from her baby-reluctant boyfriend, Colin, and searching for something more.