‘Is this a puppet which I see before me?’:

Handmade characters bring pathos, hilarity to ‘Macbeth’

By Beth Potier 
Gazette Staff
Staff photos by Kris Snibbe

Just a few hours before showtime, Macbeth was undergoing some last-minute plastic surgery.

“We realized he looked too much like George W. Bush,” said co-director Emily Carmichael ’04, wielding a knife over the would-be king’s ears.
Carmichael and co-director Moss Bittner, a second-semester senior, were putting the final touches on “Macbeth: The Puppet Shakespeare,” a production of the Adams House Drama Society that was staged last weekend at Adams House’s Kronauer Space. Shakespeare’s tragic drama gets a faithful, if fanciful, telling with handmade puppets voiced by student actors.