As the presitgious film festival takes over New York this week a bold little feature flies the flag for games along with Beyond: Two Souls.

With the annual Tribeca film festival now underway all eyes are on the competition schedules. Set to debut on the circuit later today, RPG OKC, from filmmaker and writer Emily Carmichael should be on the radar of any game enthusiast and is a reminder that games are slowly creeping onto the agenda at festivals like Tribeca – in 2011, LA Noire was the first videogame to make the official selection at the event.

An entry into the Shorts In Competition: Narrative competition, RPG OKC tells the tale of an NPC romance on the bright, bubbly canvas of a throwback JRPG landscape. Thetrailer, below, conveys a rather adorable slice of homage and meta-game musings on the blurred lines between reality and 16bit fantasy that’ll be familiar to anyone who grew up hooked on the likes of Earthbound.

It’s not the only game-related property to make the cut this year, of course, as we recently reported that a special panel and screening dedicated to Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls would take place on April, 27.

RPG film competes at Tribeca today.