“Seth MacFarlane is the 26-year-old creator and executive producer of Fox’s animated TV show Family Guy. It’s the story of the Griffen Family–two parents, two teens, a cynical dog and a mutant baby who wants to get rid of them all. Seth looked at some of your toons on back-to-school jitters and gave us his two cents.”
“Emily Carmichael, Age: 18
Seth says: This is nicely executed. The attitudes of the characters are clear and the dialogue is concise and well structured. There is an almost Doonesbury rhythm to the gag with the minor punch line in the third panel.”
Selected observations:
– I used comic sans, because I was making a comic.
– “gerph” was the e-mail address my brother chose for me, because he didn’t want me to have a sexy e-mail and flirt with other teenagers on Sierra On-Line
– “The 26-year-old creator and executive producer of Family Guy”!!!!