written by Jason Sondhi on February 4, 2011

Yesterday’s post, Sundance Short Films: Program 5, was the last batch of new 2011 Sundance films to come online, however we rage—rage I say! against the dying of Sundance-related content. So I invited the lovely and talented Emily Carmichael to answer a few questions over email regarding her short film, The Hunter and the Swan Discuss Their Meeting, which incidentally was, by far, my favorite film of that last Sundance Program.
Emily is a prodigious talent: she’s was published in a New York Times best-selling essay collection while still a teenager, studied Painting and Literature at Harvard,  has penned several plays for the stage, and is a recent graduate of NYU’s MFA program in film. In 2008 she co-founded a production company Kid Can Drive, through which her work, “The Hunter and the Swan Discuss Their Meeting” included, is created.

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